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This’ll be my final Teen Titans Redesign masterpost so y’all can look at them all at once (click to sorta enlarge)

Robin, the unrelatable mercenary; distant and calculating, he takes after his mentor. Can control a “murmuration” of intelligent dronerangs, each with unique functions depending on the situation. Can lead the Titans, but has a hard time holding them together outside of combat.

Starfire, the cosmic viking; compassionate but fierce, trained to be both an effective strategist as well as a ruthless warrior. Both enamored and shocked at human nature.

Raven, the contemplative witch. Physically exists in one dimension but is mentally occupied with several; she has difficulty differentiating between future, present, past, corporeal and ethereal entities. Capable of wielding terrible power when fully lucid.

Beast Boy, the happy accident. After a nearly fatal bout with the Sakutia virus, he still lives with the after effects of the genetic reconfiguration disease. He can never guarantee the form he takes will be complete; the animal may have too many arms, too few, or even parts from different animals. Warm, annoyingly optimistic, and a bit of a loose cannon, he is best friends with Cyborg.

Cyborg, the cohesive member. Unstoppable in combat but also brilliant; using his unparalleled comprehension of mechanics and nanotechnology, he designed every aspect of his body, which can adapt to most circumstances. Understand humans a well as he understands machine, keeping the Titans together when tension grows between other members.

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